As an alternative to conventional insured benefits, self insurance may be a viable option. Our team will evaluate your past claims, premiums and benefit history. We can determine if you are paying too much with an insured plan. Newman Company is a third party administrator and can completely administer your self insured plan. We also can help to arrange for claims administration through other third parties with national and international capabilities. We are presently administering self funded plans for over 35,000 members covered by Employer or Benefit Trust sponsored plans.

Catastrophic loss can be protected against by Stop Loss insurance.

As a leader in providing Managed Care options, Medical, Dental and Vision Care PPO'S, we can assist in the addition of these options to your self insured plan, thereby further reducing claims costs. Self funding will allow you to maintain complete control of your plan. Costs will be more predictable, and you will have access to up-to-the-minute information at all times.