Managed Care

Managed Care is an approach that helps direct the patient to the most cost-effective source of appropriate medical, dental and vision care. The most common vehicles for Managed Care are plans that include provider networks and provide financial incentives for employees and their dependents to receive care from a select group of care providers.



Our Preferred Providers have agreed to accept, in place of their usual and customary charges, significantly reduced fees for service.

Because these reduced fees also reduce the amount of paid claims, the PPO can help to stabilize, and even reduce, the premiums for expense reimbursement plans. These reduced costs can be used to lower employee contributions or to enhance your benefit package.


Providers applying for membership in Preferred Provider Networks are subject to a credentialing process which includes license, Board Certification, Board Eligibility, malpractice coverage and history. For those providers who have satisfied these rigorous requirements, there is an ongoing review of practice billing patterns and patient satisfaction.


Many managed care plans give employees the freedom to choose services in or out of network. Newman Company's Managed Care Plans offer the choice of the largest Preferred Provider Networks in the Greater New York area and nationally.

Newman Company has made a major commitment to the development and implementation of Managed Care for the group benefit market. Employees participating in these Managed Care plans realize significant savings.